08 May 2011


Chinatown bits from our recent SG trip. We've been here a couple of times, always promising ourselves we'll be back for more.

Above: The red lanterns of Chinatown.

Above: Sri Miriamman Temple

Yes, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore
is found in Chinatown.
Isn't it ironic?

Above: Chinatown Must --
authentic reflexology experience!

Loved our 45-min foot reflexology,
SGD16 (around Php528) each.
Perfect after those long walks.

Lunch at Tak Po restaurant
42 Smith Street, Chinatown

Above: Pork with black pepper clay pot,
SGD5 (around 165), good for two.
Had this with Yang Chow fried rice.

Above: Siew Mai,
SGD 2.8 for four pieces
(around Php92.40).

Above: Egg Tarts for dessert
SGD .90 each (around Php30 each)

Above: One of Chinatown's stars,
the sausage kiosk, Wuerstelstand.

Above: We highly recommend the currywurst!

We've visited the Chinatown Heritage Museum, been around People's Park, walked through the shop houses. What we hope to try next time: fortune telling / astrology reading / feng shui session (just for fun!). Any idea if there are readers in the area?

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