08 May 2011


"Let there be spaces in your togetherness."
-- poet Kahlil Gibran

Last weekend's Baguio trip was a classic example of "space in our togetherness." Hubby attended a photography workshop at the BenCab Museum; while I did Me Time -- reading, sleeping, food tripping and having a massage*. Together, we went up to Baguio but had our individual day skeds. We'd meet up for dinner (or sometimes after dinner) and talk about each other's day. Saya!

Above: The BenCab Museum
Km 6, Asin Road, Baguio
(Approximately 15 minutes away from the City.)

Hubby's photography workshop location.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Baguio's my hometown (my Dad's from there;
it's where I spent my childhood summers;
our family visits at least once a year)
but it was my first time in this part of Baguio.

Above: Soaked myself with art
while hubby attended the photography workshop.

The museum houses four floors of amazing works!

Above: one of BenCab's masterpieces

BenCab, a master of contemporary Philippine art,
is among the country's National Artists.

Above: one of the Contemporary Art galleries

Above: Bulols of all shapes and sizes!

Above: Too bad Bulol couldn't join this trip.
He had a tattoo appointment in Manila that weekend (seriously).

Above: Cafe Sabel
at the Ben Cab, Museum

This is where I spent a lot of time
reading, eating and surfing the net.

Above: My daily breakfast view from Cafe Sabel.
Good morning, world!

Above: BenCab's property is huge!

Above: We saw at least two
authentic century-old Ifugao Huts
within BenCab's property.

This is different from Tam-Awan Village.
I promise to find time to blog about our Tam-Awan overnight date,
circa 2005.

Above: See the hut in the middle of the pond?
That's my other reading spot.

Above: My precious reading spot.

Imagine reading alone
with the sound of the mini waterfalls as your only audio.

Book for this trip: Time Traveler's Wife
by Audrey Niffenegger
Loved the film. I knew the book would be better.

Above: My frontal view while reading

Above: Same view minus the hut's interiors.

Above: View to my left while reading.

Above: My favorite from Cafe Sabel's menu
-- the spicy tuyo pasta with toasted pan de sal.
Around Php120.

Above: Mushroom omelette with
toasted pan de sal.
Around Php120.

Above: Fresh green salad with strawberry vinaigrette;
pork and chicken adobo with mountain rice.
Around Php250.

Wish: bed & breakfast option
within the BenCab Museum,
but they offer none.

We stayed near a budget lodging house.
All the other workshop attendees stayed there too.

Above: Our Baguio Must
Cafe by the Ruins

It's actually not "by the ruins" anymore though.
There's a hotel right beside it now.

Above: Loved the squash soup!

Above: Baguio Bagnet to die for!

Above: Crispy Tapa meal

*My Baguio Me Time massage: one-hour Swedish session at the mall, Php650, with shower and sauna. Very good, very Baguio. During our past trips, we've tried non-mall spas and the therapists are always very thorough.

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