19 October 2009


It's the journey, not the destination. The cliche can't be more true with last night's movie date. We watched "Il Destinazione" -- one of the movies in the 8th Italian Film Festival. And our "journey" to the movie was far more satisfying than the destination (the film itself)!

The journey:
*We were first in line! Tickets for the 9:30pm screening were released at 8:30pm.
*After getting our tickets, we decided to go home to kill time (Ang saya to have that option!).
*The tickets were free!
*I was excited because it's been awhile since our last foreign Film Fest date.
*We left our home 9:15pm and we were in Shang by 9:25pm. The film started after 9:30pm (Ang saya!).

The destination:
*The movie was only 2 hours long but it felt like it ran for 10 hours! It was such a streeeeeeeeetch! People were actually leaving the cinema 30 minutes into the movie!

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