07 October 2009


These pair of rain boots (they are no Plueys!) got us through the Ondoy clean-up. My 3 year old niece said,"I like your boots, Tita A!" It was enough to make me LOL!Something I so needed to do through the devastating disaster.

Our family's Ondoy experience was heartbreaking -- the flood water was chest-deep inside my parents' home; the first floor of my brother's home was also submerged in water -- but yes, we still have so much to be thankful for. We're counting our blessings.

Thank you to...

*J for staying with me (and my family) all throughout the Ondoy ordeal

*all the kind and thoughtful messages (calls, text, email, Facebook messages) from family, friends, acquaintances

*the prayers from every one

*my Tita Belen, Tita Cita, cousins Ana and Jon, for sending helpers to assist us in the clean-up; for bringing my parents' and sister's wet clothes to Nueva Ecija for washing and drying

*my Tita Belen and Family (and House Help) for feeding us all throughout the clean-up

*my bosses (specially Ham) for allowing me to take one week off

*my officemates / friends (specially Lots, Nadia and Maricel) for taking on my load while I was on emergency leave

*my cousins Arlene and JM for the rides

*my Tita Es, Tito Rey, cousin Kris for the help (so generous!)

*my Tito Cesar, Tita Lil, cousin Cza for the relief goods & cleaning materials

*my cousins Ana, Jon and Mylene for the cleaning materials (Complete! May mga sako pa for all the garbage!), fresh towels and dry beddings

*to my cousin Pia for trying to go to Kingsville twice

*my cousin Pia (again!) and Tita Tens for volunteering to pick my Dad up from the airport

*the mekaniko who's working wonders on my parents' flooded car

*our Cleaning Team: Ate Hasmin, Aling Ineng, Aling Ising, and a Boy

*Jill and Isay for welcoming my brother and his family to their home for so many days

*to my client Jenny for postponing our Friday meeting (so kind!)

*Gladys for updating me whenever she could

*Gladys (again!) and the Moments staff for bringing smiles to our Cleaning Team's faces. Wednesday, they were kidding me about wanting to be televised as "volunteers." They got their wish Thursday! They were on TV by Saturday.

*GMA for releasing our 13th month pay earlier than usual

*Maricel for working on the HR assistance (such an angel!)

*the GMA Coop for the help they're extending to members via grocery GCs

*Ondoy for reminding all that we cannot hang on to material possessions. Only Love endures.

*THANK YOU, GOD, for keeping my loved ones safe.

The darkest hours come just before dawn. I'm looking forward to sunshine-y days!

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