22 May 2010


Hubby loves Pepper Lunch. That's why I'm ecstatic they now deliver via City Delivery http://www.citydelivery.ph/browse/pepper-lunch

Last night, after our 15-hour shoot (under the 37C sun!), we came home dead tired. We had to have happy food. And so I went to City Delivery's website, gave them a call (87878), in 30 minutes, J's Double Chicken Pepper Rice and my Salmon Pepper Rice arrived hot and yummy!

The lady who took my call said to expect my order 45 minutes to an hour. I'm so happy the delivery came sooner. I was actually curious how the Pepper Lunch meals would be packed -- if they'd be weird minus the patented electromagnetic plates. They came cooked in paper bowls, with the garlic soy sauce and the honey brown sauce packed separately. They tasted as good as when you eat in the resto. Yey!

I know Pepper Lunch Shangrila is just right across our condo but when you're zombie-d from work or when Manila's heat is just way too much, deliveries are gold!

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