14 May 2010


In Arya...

Must-Have: Tomato, Onion, Garlic Sauce Dip
Eversince the Arya waiter prepared this for us, we do our own version in all the other Persian joints we visit.

Beef Shish (around PHP385)

Beef Koobideh (around PHP355)

In Abe...

My Must-Have: Hito with Buro
I can eat this every day!

J's Must-Have: Adobo
Currently numero uno on his list.
J to Me: "Sorry but talo nito ang adobo mo."

In Cibo...

Must-Have: Tegamino di Formaggio Fuso. Grilled Cheese. Thin Sardinian flatbread.
Best appetizer! The cheese melts in my mouth! (around PHP230)

Pork Chops with apple cider sauce (PHP320)

In Causeway...

Must-Have: Dimsum with Yang Chow fried rice
Spareribs in Tausi, Chicken Feet, Sharksfin Dumpling, Shrimp Siomai

In Via Mare...

Sun-dried Tapa (Php265)

Smoked Salmon Pasta (Php265)

Must-Have: Bibingka with salted duck egg (Php115)

In Pho Hoa...

Must Have: Freshly Squeezed Lemon juice

Grilled Pork & Spring Rolls

Chicken Lollipop

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