21 April 2011


Thirteen years after graduation, I say
U.P. Diliman's Beach House pork BBQ
is still among the best!
Dragged J to U.P. the other day. We had a total of six sticks of the Beach House's super famous BBQ, with rice, ginisang monggo, salted egg and tomatoes. Dessert: dirty ice cream from one of the parked carts at the Faculty Center.

I don't remember how much the BBQ costs when I was still a student. Now, it's Php25/stick. Sulit pa rin.

Why is the canteen called the "Beach House" e wala namang beach? Until now, hindi ko alam.Am I the only U.P. alumni clueless about this? (Uh-oh.) I'm asking Manang next week. (Yes, we're going back!)

When we were still living in QC, we were often in U.P. for jogging, running and fishball dates. Now that we're in another city, pwede pa rin naman dalasan! *wink*

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