23 April 2011


Me upon reaching Marina Bay: Where did the Merlion go?! (Panic, is that you?!)

J: May hotel na siya.

A: Oh. Sosyal!

Above: The Merlion Hotel temporarily houses
the half-fish, half-lion Singapore landmark.
Taken during our April 2011 trip.

Above: Merlion Park
from our Feb 2010 SG trip

From the Straits Times: "The 'hotel', a 100 sq m luxury room built around the Merlion, is actually an art installation by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi. It has been commissioned specially for the Singapore Biennale, which will showcase local and international artworks from March 13 to May 11. The biennale is organised by the Singapore Art Museum.

The Merlion Hotel will host overnight guests from April 4 to May 5 at $150 nett, though daytime visitors can walk through for free for the duration of the biennale. Only 32 nights were available for public booking, with the rest set aside for winners of contests held by the biennale organisers or for sponsors and the media.

The suite can accommodate two adults and will be operated by The Fullerton Hotel. It comes with a double bed, bathroom, amenities, as well as a dedicated Merlion Butler. Overnight guests will also get a complimentary breakfast at The Fullerton Hotel."

Above: Imagine sleeping with the Merlion!
Visitors can walk through, for free, from 10am-7pm.

Above: The Lioness
(Yes, that's my zodiac sign.)

Above: Love the interiors!

Above: Your gorgeous view from the bath tub --
the Singapore Eye, the Arts&Science Museum,
the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Unfortunately, the hotel was already fully booked so kahit gusto ko sana gastusan for the experience, di na pwede. Anyway, naaliw ako sa idea -- pwede laruin ang landmarks nila. They're not too de kahon after all.

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