11 August 2011


Watching the last main feature (aka last full show) is among our after-work no-gastos (thanks to our "super pass") bisyo. Below are the titles we saw the past two weeks.

Captain America: Saw it on 3D. Entertaining. Pero pambata.
  • Best thing for me: Chris Evans!
  • Best thing for J: The Avengers teaser

Rise of the Planets of the Apes: I was pleasantly surprised. OK siya.
  • Best thing for me: "No!"
  • Best thing for J: ?

Ang Babae sa Septic Tank: Loved it! Loved Eugene Domingo! Is it true the title's being considered as the Philippines' entry to the Oscars? (Pwede!)
  • Best thing for me: 3 types of acting (LOL)
  • Best thing for J: For quite some time now he held the same opinion about indie film making. Ayan, na-"immortalize" na. Hehe.

Larry Crowne: Slept through some parts. It's either the film was boring or I was way too sleepy.
  • Best thing for J: Age-independent learning. Second chances.
  • Best thing for me: I'll give it another go. I promise to stay awake.

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