12 August 2011


I knew my 35th would be a very special birthday. It'd be the year when I'd finally step out of my comfort zone to finally explore the world. It'd be the year I'd be spreading my wings. New country. New life. New job.

My gift to me: FREEDOM!

But as usual, nothing tops God's gifts -- the wonderful people in my life. Birthday bonding with my parents and sister abroad was via Facebook video chat. Birthday date with my Hubby: my dream pictorial (hahaha!). Will blog about it separately.

My other birthday dates...

A simple lunch at my cousins' Inasal place.
Above, clockwise:

With two of my favorite girls, S and S;

My dear brother's beautiful family
(another pamangkin on the way!);

S and S with books from Tito J and Tita A
(Yes, ako may bday pero ako ang nagbibigay ng gifts. Love that.)
plus a new Barbie from Grandpa and Grandma;

our Bday Lunch Group;

my yummy birthday cupcakes from little S;

a birthday surprise;

my dear cousins K and D;

my "30 something" cherry cake.

If you're in Marikina, try Ar-J's Manokan!

My business-savvy cousins opened another business:
an authentic Inasal joint,
in front of the Blue Wave Mall in Marikina.

AR-J Manokan gets to two-thumbs up from us!

Loved the Inasal (Paa) with unlimited rice
and their Kansi!
Hubby J had the Inasal (Pecho) take-out.
We agreed it had a lutong-bahay flavor.
Yung may pagmamahal sa preparation, not so commercial.

Our super busog lunch group also had
chopsuey and KBL (kadyos, baboy, langka).
Everything is so affordable.

My cheerleaders and best friends.

L and F are in town!
It was the perfect time to meet up.

We had dinner at Banana Leaf (YakiMix was super puno), Podium.
Then dessert at Cafe Breton.

See our big bags?
Dami kasing gifts!

My dear college friends have been instrumental
in my finding the strength to finally do IT.

For the nth time I say -- I may not be rich, famous or powerful, but with my marriage, family life and friendships, I know I DO HAVE IT ALL. It was a blessed birthday. Thank you.

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