21 November 2011


"...you don't need to be a millionaire with a doctorate in Fine Art to buy (contemporary art)." -- AAF


We're so glad to be here in time for the Affordable Art Fair (18-20 November 2011), held at the F1 Pit Building, right beside the Singapore Flyer. 

The SGD10/head entrance fee was worth it. For one, there's a free shuttle bus from the City Hall MRT to the fair and back - so convenient, especially since it started raining real hard after lunch. But mostly, the entrance fee was sulit because the fair was such a visual feast! On our minds, ang dami na naming binili. Haha! Art pieces sold for SGD1,000-10,000. But since we're still on career breaks, bawal pa mag-shopping. Besides, we don't have our own SG place yet so saan naman namin ilalagay ang art pieces? Lol. So we happily window shopped, taking in the beauty and creativity surrounding us. 

There were free talks during the 3-day fair. Hubby and I got to attend the photography session with Deanna Ng, an independent documentary photographer and educator. This was a first for us -- together for a photography talk! (You see, photography is Hubby's thing, not really mine.) My favorite bit was when Deanna started discussing the photographs on exhibit -- the concepts, process and shooting styles behind them. Sa technical, tune-out na ako. Hehe.

The Photography Talk with Deanna Ng

AAF is voted as one of the UK's
CoolBrands for 2010/2011
-- AAF website

In our dream world, the next five pieces were all "sold" to Hubby.

For the first two pieces pa lang, we already need SGD12,800 (almost half-a-million pesos!). Donations, anyone? Lol.

Buti na lang libre mangarap!
Huang Gang's "Dance Together"

Wang Guanyi's The Materialist Revolution I

More of the pieces for sale...

On our minds, amin na rin ito. Lol.

I liked the "One Roof"
environmental portraiture series.
It's inspiring me to do a personal project
featuring the people in my life.

We thought these Chinese paintings were lovely, perfect for our very Oriental-themed first home in Manila...

The two Chinese paintings above
are by JD Chou.

Perfect for my Coca-Cola addict Hubby?

Sole mate ko? Hehe.
"Splendid Outing I"
by Hwang Sae Jin

The series below, I found disturbing...

We hope afford na talaga namin ang art pieces sa next fair. Hehe.

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