21 November 2011


As I mentioned on my Elephant Parade entry, we're bent on seeing BenCab's Santan (Proud Pinoys!). So we dropped by the Singapore Art Museum over the weekend. At andun nga siya, in what seems to be a prime spot (sa harap mismo ng museum entrance, katabi ng SAM logo) - bongga! 

BenCab's Santan at The SAM


 "Santan...addresses the fact
that overpopulation, human-animal conflict
was some of the reasons
as to the dwindling numbers
of elephants in the wild." --

Circus in Town?
It's the Elephant Parade!

We saw more of the elephants at the Raffles Place MRT station but it was raining too hard to take photos. I think I found my favorite elephant there -- a golden one, decorated with bolts. I'll make time for a photo op soon.

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