15 November 2011


We were Pinoys in Singapore enjoying French food on a Monday night -- hope you also started the week right. *wink*

SG-based friends and former network colleagues G and J met us for dinner last night (Thanks for making time, Ladies! Thanks for joining us R - J's fiance). J suggested we eat at Haji Lane, SG's version of Manila's Cubao-X (Agree ako, similar vibe!). 

We chose this Parisian bistro (highly recommended by J) for our mini reunion - Bon appetit! 
Along Haji Lane, Singapore
Nearest MRT: Bugis
Deja vu!
Parang PSD meeting lang? LOL
Good vibes!
G, J, Hubby and Me.
We love hanging out with people
who give out positive energy.
Familiar chandelier.
Where have I seen you before?

What we had --
bread and butter

Super sarap salads!
Goat Cheese something & Grilled Prawns something
(Didn't take note of their French names, sorry.)

Chicken Breast something
Surprise: May pasta palang kasama.
Very malinamnam!

Another very filling entree.
Ang laki ng prawns! Sulit ito.

Petit four:
White chocolate & Strawberry.

And because the Chef loved how very appreciative we were of their food and their place, he served us creme brulee -- on-the-house! Yahoo!
Creme brulee in caramel, pistachio, and coffee.

Great company. Great food.
We're so looking forward to the good vibes coming our way!
Merci beaucoup!
Thanks G, J and R for the dinner treat.
Most of all, thanks for the never-ending
SG Survival Tips (LOL).
You guys inspire us.


Deepa said...

Two more French places you should try: the French Stall in Little India, just off Serangoon Road (yes I know... Little India? French food? Whut? But masarap siya and very homey and unpretentious!) and Les Bouchons on Ann Siang in Chinatown for steak & frites!

AVM said...

Go kami dyan! =) Thanks, Deepa! How about kebabs? Sa Arab Street or Haji Lane na ba talaga ang best ones?

Deepa said...

Yup, afraid so. I like Mediterranean (especially Greek and Turkish) food but it was difficult to find in Singapore. Buti na lang dito, naglipana sila!