03 November 2011


I know not many are impressed with Ikea. My Dad, an engineer, always says "hindi matibay." Learned from a local that even Singaporeans are not so into it (How true? The long lines whenever we're there say otherwise). Pero dahil simple lang kami, happy na kami sa Ikea. LOL. 

And the good news? There's a free shuttle bus from Punggol to Ikea Tampines. Free, yey! Ikea's a mere 15-minute ride from our building. (There's also an Ikea store along Alexandra Road, SG, but we've never been there.) 

We spent a Satur-date hopping from Ikea to Courts (appliance store) then to Giant (supermarket). All three mega stores are in one area, in Tampines, as in tatawid ka lang to get to the next building. Kayang-kayang ikutin ang tatlong stores, in one afternoon.  

It was fun dreaming about / planning for our SG home. This will be our third love nest, God-willing. First, was our newlywed apartment in QC which was very oriental. We gave that up when we bought the second, a condo in Mandaluyong, which is very red, black and white retro-pop. Then, ito, sana. *fingers crossed*

Sarap mangarap! 
Hubby fell in love with these
hanging, multi-purpose poles & cabinets.
My ideal laundry area.
We don't mind small spaces.
Both of us wondered:
Pag bangon nyo,
di kaya kayo mauntog sa lamp? LOL

Very Little India
with its vibrant colors

We like this bed frame.
But not the beddings -- too floral for us.
Everything black and white.
Macho kitchen
Me playing house.
"Honey, I'm cooking dinner!" LOL
Dream Kitchen Space!
Who's coming to dinner?
We're in love with the leather sofa!
Just the sofa.
Hubby in the Library.
We could do this for all our books!
For all the parents,
ito ang perfect play kitchen ng kids!
The sofa bed looks so comfy!
Dream: His & Hers bathroom sinks.
Would love to entertain guests here!
Black, white, pink & magenta. Lovely!
Bagay sa Manila condo namin ito!

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