17 January 2012


Let them eat cake!

Among the many cakes in my college barkada's New Year reunion (aka Cake Party), I loved the Caramel Cake from Becky's Kitchen the most. It was E & A's contribution.

We all agreed it's better than Estrel's. Becky's is less sweet so hindi ako mabilis naumay. For me, mas balanced yung flavors nito. Nothing overwhelming. Every bite just made me want more. Anyway, I just learned that we're not alone in proclaiming it as the best caramel cake in Manila. It's among the Top Desserts (2010) in the website of the leading local food magazine, Yummy. (Do I hear 'confeeermed'? Lol.)

I'm craving for a slice as I write this piece. Torture.

Caramel Cake from Becky's Kitchen
(My shot: center kung center! Sorry.)

Among Manila's Top Desserts as per Yummy.Ph
Photo credit: www.yummy.ph

Info from Yummy: Php455 for 9-inch cake

2 branches: 
  • Community Center, Suha Street, Valle Verde I, Pasig City
  • 1601 P.Ocampo corner Bautista Streets, Singalong, Manila

Telephone Numbers: 
  • 671-7606 
  • 525-1648


[pinkc00kies] said...

i miss becky's!! i havent tried caramel cake but super like the swiss choco cake and prune walnut muffin :) cheap but so good.

AVM said...

I've been hearing about Becky's for so long. But it's the first time I've actually tried a product from their kitchen. =)